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  • Interactive and smart which makes it fun to use. 

  • Concurrent processes work to provide the best results. 

  • Processing of large data amount feel as fast as small data amount.

  • Do less yourself, with automatic processes you deligate a part of the work to the software.


  • Keep your content safe.

  • Low intrusion risk.

  • Low interference risk.

  • Make it impossible for crackers/hackers to
    crack your application.


  • Easy to get started with.

  • Easy to use.

  • Easy to maintain.

  • Easy to love.

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Are you planning a new project? Perhaps you have already started a project but need more developers? Either way we have the right skills to fill your needs. Contact us to discuss the next step.

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Do you want to learn how to program or improve your existing skills? We have suitable courses for your needs. Book a course today.

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At Supernova you can work from home, your garden and even the beach if you prefer that.



Supernova is a Swedish software company with clients in various industries. Our success is based on lasting partnerships and customer satisfaction. Among the specialists at Supernova, you will find analytical, passionate and talented developers with many years of experience as well as knowledge of technology and industry. With us, you prioritize competence knowing that we always deliver the product within budget and schedule.

Supernova offers development of sophisticated software designed to meet the customer's unique needs. In addition to custom solutions, we work on projects to digitize Sweden and simplify people's everyday lives.

We build solutions of high quality and good performance, so regardless of your needs, we are the qualified team to hire for your projects.

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We start from the point of concept examination by carefully analyzing your needs and help you create a detailed software requirements specification, which is indispensable for implementing the project the way you envision it. We offer three common and effective development methodologies: agile, waterfall and a hybrid between these two.

With agile you are in charge during the whole development process,
you are welcome to add or change requirements and assess the already implemented functionality on the go.
With waterfall you decide all the requirements for your project at the start and get exactly what you need for a fixed price at a set time.
Apart from development we also offer maintenance and further development of the existing software.



Supernova developers master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions in the following areas:


We create desktop software, utilities and plug-ins. The software is OS independent and can be customized. We provide the solution to manage your challenges.


Appealing custom web applications and services that offer high scalability, smart UX design and feature-rich functionality.


We help you go mobile by creating unique apps with responsive design and thoughtful functionality. See appealing and smooth execution on any device.


Software integration can sometimes be a very complicated process but we acknowledge its importance and are completely prepared for challenges.



We are flexible in our work!
To deliver the solution tailored to your needs, we perform business and requirement analysis and then

offer a suitable development method: agile, waterfall or hybrid
Our clients usually choose agile as it offers more room for changes, communication and review on the go.

Need help with your project?

Regardless if you have a design ready and know what you need or not we are the resourse you need to get

the job done in time and with high quality. 

Contact us today to get an estimate and to get started with your next project. 

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